2023 speakers

Jarvis Buckman


As Managing Partner of Leste Determinant Capital (a subsidiary of Leste Group), Jarvis seeks to capture value in inefficient asset classes through the use of customized investment structures.

Prior to establishing Leste Determinant Capital, Jarvis led the Special Situations practice at Parabellum Capital where he transacted in litigation-oriented investment opportunities across complex corporate and capital structures. Prior to joining Parabellum, Jarvis held roles as a distressed investing analyst at Knighthead Capital Management, LLC and Credit Suisse. In these roles, he advised on market, valuation, and legal risk pertaining to investment and trading strategies. At Credit Suisse, Jarvis was also the key credit strategist in the bank’s bankruptcy claim trading activity, where he managed the transaction process from sourcing to settlement.

Jarvis previously served as a structured products specialist at JPMorgan, Société Générale, and Crédit Agricole. At JPMorgan, Jarvis was integral in building a product platform for highly customized structured notes that facilitated risk-taking across all asset classes using available derivative instruments. As a Vice President at Société Générale, he developed a strategy for trading options on bespoke correlation tranches. And as a Vice President at Crédit Agricole, Jarvis scaled the volume of the bank’s index correlation business, becoming the leading structured credit sales producer in North America in 2008 and transforming the bank into a full-service credit correlation dealer.

Jarvis received his B.S. and B.A. from Columbia University in the City of New York and his MBA from Columbia Business School. While an undergraduate, he was awarded the Bill Gates Scholarship and the Eisenhower Watch, given to the four-year varsity letterman graduating with the highest cumulative grade point average at Columbia University.

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