The LF Dealmakers Forum will be submitted for approval for Continuing legal education (CLE), also known as mandatory or minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) or, in some jurisdictions outside the United States, as continuing professional development.

2023  LF Dealmakers Event

For those who attended the 6th Annual LF Dealmakers Forum on September 26-28, 2023 in New York City, we are seeking CLE accreditation for the event in the following states: CA, IL, NY, and TX. If you signed in and out onsite and are seeking credits in CA, IL, NY, or TX, you will receive a certificate via email as soon as we receive approval in each state. For all other states, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

State Accreditation

Accreditation will be sought in the following jurisdictions for our 2023 event: CA, IL, NY, and TX. The number of CLE credit hours approved will vary from state to state.

CLE accreditation is given on a state-by-state basis. Each state has its own rules and regulations indicating what qualifies for CLE credit. Click here for more information and details about your specific state(s) CLE requirements.

Registration of Credit Hours 

Attendees must be present during the entire session to receive credit. We will provide further details on requirements before the event.

Certificate of Completion 

Certificates will be sent via email directly to the attendee after the conference. Timing will vary based on state approvals. Estimated timeframes are 8-12 weeks following conference conclusion. Please note: Review and approval in NY is severely delayed and can take as long as 4-5 months. Individuals may apply directly to their state for approval. Click here for more information and details about your specific state(s) CLE requirements.

Record Retention Policy

Dealmakers Forums will retain attendee records for at least five years.


For more information regarding our administrative policies such as financial assistance, or if you would like more information, please contact us at info(at)dealmakersforums.com.

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