2021 speakers

Jason McCue


Jason McCue (LLD) has had a career in international affairs (including conflict, humanitarian, development and state building matters), commercial diplomacy (including gateway, dispute resolution and social reinvestment matters) and as an international lawyer (U.K. Law Society’s lawyer of the year 2010) specialising in counter-terrorism law, human rights, conflict and dispute resolution, and transitional justice. Jason is a founder and a general partner (along with Stanhope Capital ($24 billion AUM)) of Greenlit SA, an ESG investment platform focused on funding worthy environmental, human rights and governance litigation around the world. He is a founding owner and director of Ebro (www.ebroglobal.com) and Rigel (www.rigelcorporation.com) and is senior partner of McCue Law LLP (www.mccue-law.com). He has acted as political, legal and foreign affairs adviser to numerous heads of state, governments, opposition groups, international bodies (UN and AU) and companies. Among other roles, he has acted as Presidential Envoy for Somaliland; as facilitator to the joint UN/AU Darfur Peace Process; as adviser on transitional justice to the Transitional Government of Libya; as head of the Libya-UK Victims Reconciliation Group (supported by the U.K. FCO); as lead adviser to the Government of Somaliland on the development of the Berbera Port/Berbera Corridor; as board member and advisor to numerous charities/NGOs; and as adviser to numerous African, Asian, Middle East and EU Governments on human rights (including CT, legislation, policing and prisons), asset recovery, counter-terrorism and anti-piracy.

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