2020 speakers

Gene Phillips


Gene Phillips is the CEO at PF2 Securities, a NY-based consultancy with offices in Los Angeles and Sydney. Gene and his colleagues at PF2 work as strategic consultants, and financial market experts, alongside legal teams on complex litigation matters.  PF2 also performs pre-investment due diligence for litigation funders.  Prior to co-founding PF2 in 2008, Gene held roles on the buy-side at a hedge fund within Citigroup Alternative Investments and before that in the Derivatives group at Moody’s.  He has written extensively on the intersection between financial, economic and legal issues, including damages frameworks for financial-markets and data/privacy actions; the significant motivations and potential for mis-pricing and mis-rating of complex, privately-traded securities; and whether credit ratings should be afforded First Amendment protections.  Gene holds a BSc degree in mathematics and applied mathematics, and a BSc Hons degree in the Advanced Mathematics of Financial Derivatives, from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

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