Financial Aid

Dealmakers Forums Financial Aid Policy

All applicants must meet the full criteria of our registration review process prior to being considered for financial aid.

Dealmakers Forums LLC has instituted a financial aid policy that may include fee waivers or reductions in certain circumstances. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Specific Procedures Attorneys Must Follow to Request Financial Aid

Attorneys must contact Dealmakers Forums at [email protected] to request financial aid indicating why they are requesting aid, and whether they are seeking a fee waiver or reduction of fees.

Specific criteria for the award of aid:

Our policy is to offer a full or partial fee waiver based on financial hardship. Unemployed attorneys may attend free of charge depending on their application and the course offered. Attorneys who earn less than $50,000/year may receive a 50% discount upon review of their application.

For courses costing over $500, attorneys who qualify will receive at least a 50% reduction in the course fee(s), but this does not include a reduction in meals, lodging, or travel costs associated with the course.

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