2022 speakers

Erika Levin


Erika is a leader of the Litigation Finance team as well as a member of the firm’s International Arbitration group and focuses her practice on resolving high‐stakes commercial disputes with an international component.

A former executive for a litigation finance company, she offers invaluable perspectives into the needs of clients seeking funding as well as the goals of the companies and investors providing the financing. Pairing her legal experience with an investor mindset, she offers a nuanced understanding of this burgeoning industry. Her comprehensive approach to due diligence relating to litigation finance provides clients with a thorough risk analysis and determination of whether funding is optimal for the dispute at hand. Additionally, her extensive network within the litigation financing community helps her seamlessly connect clients with funding sources. She serves as counsel for borrowers and helps negotiate the litigation funding transaction, including those involving nontraditional financing structures. She represents attorneys, funding sources and investors seeking guidance on the legal, ethical and regulatory implications of litigation funding transactions. In addition, she represents clients in disputes related to litigation finance agreements. For every client, Erika believes in getting to the right result as quickly and cost‐effectively as possible. She uses early and aggressive case assessment and creative problem solving to chart the most expeditious paths to the finish line by developing potential exit ramps and identifying and exploiting key leverage points.

Erika often serves her clients in the role of outside general counsel, partnering with executives and company leadership to advance their business goals, identify the impediments, and connect them with the smartest solutions.

Born in Brazil, Erika has developed a network of contacts throughout the world. She represents financial institutions, private equity funds, hedge funds, pension funds, distressed funds and high-net-worth investors in a wide variety of matters. A significant part of her practice is dedicated to disputes and monetization opportunities relating to Brazil and Latin America.

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